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A beekeeper, 300 hives, thousands of bees

The farm is located in Potelières (30500) in the north of the Gard department, 5 minutes from Saint-Ambroix and 20 minutes from Alès.

My apiaries are located mainly in the Ardèche Cévennes and in the Gard.

My philosophy

All my beehives are conducted according to the rules of organic farming.


I practice transhumance in the departments of Ardèche, Gard and Lozère. This allows me to produce mono-floral and multi-floral organic honeys.

I also produce royal jelly on my farm in Potelières and pollen

My honey house is traditional. The honey is uncapped manually, and the honeys are never heated.

My productions

I produce several varieties of honey according to the blooms, the weather and the goodwill of my bees....... honeys from Acacia, Ardèche, White Heather, Heather Callune, Chestnut, Flowers, Garrigue, Lavender, Mountain , Fir, Thyme.

Royal jelly, pollen and propolis are produced in good years.

Gingerbread and honey cookies.

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